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Sensational Development Occupational Therapy of Massapequa, NY provides skilled, child-centered individual and group intervention for children ages birth through 21 who may be experiencing difficulty with daily activities such as self-care, academics, play, social skills, organization, coordination, and behavior. We have teamed up with some of the most dynamic and passionate instructors and we are thrilled to now be offering Yoga! Please call for scheduling and reservations.

Infant Massage

Infant Massage


Bonding    Attachment      Nurturing Touch    Love      Value      Respect

Simple to learn, yet such a profound process!


Our sense of touch begins before we are born; at about 7 weeks gestation. The skin is the first organ to be complete. Through touch, we learn about the world!

Infant Massage is a comprehensive, evidence based program, that encourages parents/caregivers/family members to touch, massage and bond with their babies.

“Our mission is to promote nurturing touch through training, education, and research so that babies, parents, and caregivers are loved, valued, and respected throughout the world community”.


Documented Benefits of Infant Massage:


-Stimulation-              -Relaxation-                           -Relief-                        -Interaction-



-Improved sleep patterns

-Reduction of Stress

-Improve circulation, digestion & respiration

-Stimulates language

-Enhanced Motor Development

-Improve interaction in family

-Help for depressed babies and mothers

-Increase weight gain for premature infants

-Improve immunity

-Safe for medically fragile infants


Benefits of Infant Massage for Babies with Special Needs:

1.      Developmental Delays

2.      Infants with Colic/Reflux

3.      Depressed Infants and mothers

4.      Decrease pain (growing pains, teething, colic, constipation)


Come learn Infant Massage!

Our classes offer a chance for parents to bond with their baby as well as meet other parents and gain support during this transition in their lives.

*Optimal age is 2-12 months

 In the 1970’s Vimala McClure introduced infant massage to the United States. She stated

            “I believe that by fostering and encouraging infant massage and other cultural traditions which enhance the parent-baby bond, and by helping create more family centered values in out culture, we will begin to see whole generations expressing more compassion towards and responsibility for their fellow human beings. I believe in supporting parents in their love for their infants.

            I believe that babies are aware human beings who deserve respect, tenderness, and warmth, and above all, a listening heart. When we listen to our infants with our hearts, we discover whatever it is that we want to know.

            I believe that every parent, regardless of personal philosophy and every infant, regardless of birth history or disposition, should have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits that come from early bonds that are loving, healthy, and secure.”