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Sensational Development Occupational Therapy of Massapequa, NY provides skilled, child-centered individual and group intervention for children ages birth through 21 who may be experiencing difficulty with daily activities such as self-care, academics, play, social skills, organization, coordination, and behavior. We have teamed up with some of the most dynamic and passionate instructors and we are thrilled to now be offering Yoga! Please call for scheduling and reservations.


Sensational Development strives to offer groups to meet the unique needs of our clients and the community. We currently offer sensory motor groups, handwriting groups and mommy and me groups.

Important notes and policies on Groups at Sensational Development:

  • Full payment is due upon registration.
  • No refunds
  • Groups are subject to cancellation based on enrollment
  • Make-ups are not available for missed group sessions

A variety of group options are scheduled to help accommodate our families' schedules. Please keep in mind that group sessions will be held based on enrollment. We will be happy to add groups to our schedule if four or more children are interested.

*We understand that all children develop at their own pace, therefore class ages may overlap.  We will work with you to find the best fit developmentally for your child.

Sensory Motor Groups

Our Sensory Motor Group is a whole body experience that works on social skills, visual-motor skills, strengthening, balance, motor planning, coordination, as well as fine and gross motor skills. Our goal during groups is to facilitate participation in movement activities using obstacle courses, suspended equipment and climbing apparatus. We continuously receive and process sensory information from the environment. The sensory information needs to be organized and processed to be able to produce an adaptive motor or movement response to be successful in daily tasks at home and at school. Each session will stimulate a child’s proprioceptive system (body awareness), vestibular system (perception of movement), visual system (visual acuity & perception), motor planning (the ability to develop an idea, organize and utilize the materials needs for the task, then sequence the steps necessary to complete the task), gross motor coordination (large muscles for stability and mobility), bilateral motor coordination (using both sides of the body together to create a coordinated movement), fine motor coordination (small muscle group for skilled work) and visual motor coordination (integrate visual input with motor output to perform eye-hand and eye-foot tasks).


Handwriting Without Tears® Groups

Handwriting Without Tears® is a developmentally appropriate, hands-on, educational, multi-sensory approach to teach handwriting skills to any school-aged child. It has been a proven success in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill for students. The Pre-K and Kindergarten group incorporates hands-on activities and good handwriting habits to develop strong writers. It engages children with music, movement, multi-sensory activities that are all stimulating as well as developmentally appropriate. The Printing programs prepare students with hands-on teaching strategies and language arts skills including sentence, work and paragraph composition. The clean, vertical style promotes fluency and legibility in these young writers. The Cursive programs teach a clean, vertical style of writing that promotes ease of learning and enjoyment of writing. The lessons include engaging and memorable activities for cursive mastery. The simple vertical style and emphasis on connections promote speed and fluency.

Mondays at 5 PM 

Class will run weeks of September 18 - December 11-2017

**December 18 will be available for a makeup class if class is canceled due to weather or therapist absence. Class will NOT run on October 9, Columbus Day.

Messy Art

Tactile play is essential for learning about our environment. Engaging in purposeful and messy play allows children to explore various textures in a non-threatening play-based environment. Each group will incorporate whole body, proprioceptive input to get our bodies ready for tactile exploration!

  • TBA

Mighty Muscles

This group is structured with a larger student:adult ratio.  Participants must be able to follow simple directions. This group focuses on core strengthening and movement. Core exercises is very important! We all need adequate core muscles for everyday activities. Children need stable cores to maintain upright postures in their seats, develop shoulder stability, and adequate fine motor skills. This group will focus on purposeful activities that increase core strength and proximal stability.

  • TBA

Little Waddlers MOMMY AND ME (CAREGIVER AND ME) Active walkers - 30 months

The program is designed to promote the bonding between parent (or primary caregiver) and child.  It encourages social interaction among all members and emphasizes playful ways to develop motor and sensory skills. We reinforce this bond with many sensory, playful and engaging experiences.  There is an educational component to help caregivers understand developmental milestones and their relationship to functional performance later in childhood.  

  • TBA

Girls just wanna have fun!!

This group is designed for girls ages 9-11 who just want to have some fun!!  This group focuses on social and emotional development and learning how to work cooperatively in group settings.  We will do crafts and work on a session long project that the girls will decide on together.   This group encourages healthy friendships and self esteem all while gaining a sense of responsibility and encouraging their growing independence.  

  • TBA

Music therapy

Come sing, laugh and play in our new music therapy group for children and their caregiver.  Music Therapy is a clinical and evidence based therapy which uses music to engage your child and foster their growth.  Lauren Klimek is a board certified music therapist and a licensed creative arts therapist, who specializes in early childhood music therapy by using live music and musical activities that focus on your child’s developmental level and growth.  All songs and activities provide an encouraging and supportive environment for your child to build upon their established skill sets while helping them reach their developmental milestones.  You and your child will participate in singing songs, playing instruments and music and movement.  You’ll leave this class with the confidence and knowledge knowing that you can use these songs at home not only to assist your child with their development but to connect with them on a much more emotional level.  So, come sing, laugh and play, today! 

When: Saturdays **register directly with Lauren .

Time: 10:00-11:00am

Ages: 3- teenager

Cost: $160 for 8 weeks

**Lauren can be reached at 631-245-0275 or by email at