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Sensational Development Occupational Therapy of Massapequa, NY provides skilled, child-centered individual and group intervention for children ages birth through 21 who may be experiencing difficulty with daily activities such as self-care, academics, play, social skills, organization, coordination, and behavior. We have teamed up with some of the most dynamic and passionate instructors and we are thrilled to now be offering Yoga! Please call for scheduling and reservations.


At Sensational Development we individualize our evaluations based on the family's concerns and the child's presentation. Some assessment tools we use may include gross and fine motor evaluations, handwriting assessments, visual perceptual tests, clinical observations, visual motor integration tests, parent interview, caregiver questionnaires including the Sensory Processing Measure and the Sensory Profile. 

Occupational Therapy Evaluation with full sensory processing narrative report (10-12 pages): This evaluation lasts approximately 2 hours and consists of standardized testing (type to be determined based on presenting concerns), a parent questionnaire, and a full series of clinical observations as well as unstructured observations of play.  You will be provided with a written report of 9-12 pages, including recommendations, and a meeting by phone or at the clinic will be scheduled to review the evaluation results. This evaluation costs $500.00

Occupational Therapy Evaluation with typed report (3-5 pages): This evaluation lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours and consists of standardized testing and clinical observations with a 3-5 page written report, including recommendations. The cost for this evaluation is $250.00.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation with standard Fusion printed report: This evaluation is the same as above, without a typed narrative report. The report provided is generated via our documentation system and will include testing results and goals. This evaluation is provided at no additional cost when covered by insurance. 

Clinical Observations with typed report (2-4 pages, no standardized testing): This evaluation lasts approximately 1 hour and consists of a typed report outlining the child's performance and the relation to presenting concerns. The cost of the clinical observation report is $150.00.

Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT): The Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests measure the sensory integration processes that underlie learning and behavior.  By showing you how children organize and respond to sensory input, the SIPT helps to pinpoint specific organic problems associated with learning disabilities, emotional disorders, and minimal brain dysfunction. It is comprised of 17 sub tests and often takes multiple sessions to administer. It is standardized for children ages 4 - 8 years, 11 months.  The cost of this evaluation is $1,100.00.