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669 Broadway
Massapequa, NY, 11758
United States

(516) 799-2900

Sensational Development Occupational Therapy of Massapequa, NY provides skilled, child-centered individual and group intervention for children ages birth through 21 who may be experiencing difficulty with daily activities such as self-care, academics, play, social skills, organization, coordination, and behavior. We have teamed up with some of the most dynamic and passionate instructors and we are thrilled to now be offering Yoga! Please call for scheduling and reservations.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga: (all ages) Using hammocks suspended from the ceiling, children will learn to fly, breathe, and balance all while having fun! Includes mindfulness and physical practice, activating the power sensory systems, and is dedicated to relaxation practice and breath-work.

Fall 2018 Aerial Yoga sessions 12 weeks

Starting the week of September 10, Make up week of December 17

Cost: $325


Mondays:         Aerial Yoga and Mindfulness  4:30-5:30 PM, off Columbus day

Wednesdays:   Aerial Yoga and Mindfulness 5:00-6:00 PM & 6:00-7:00 PM, Off Halloween and the day before Thanksgiving

**Additional classes will be scheduled if needed based on registration

Important notes on all Mindful Movement sessions at Sensational Development:

Classes are not pro-rated for registered sessions

Make-ups are not available for missed group sessions

Full payment is due upon registration.

No refunds

Classes are subject to cancellation based on enrollment

A variety of group options are scheduled to help accommodate our families' schedules. Please keep in mind that group sessions will be held based on enrollment.

*We will be happy to add groups to our schedule if four or more children are interested.



  • Glaucoma
  • Recent surgery
  • Caridovascular conditions
  • Vertigo
  • Bone weakness
  • Sinusitis
  • Hernia
  • Herniated discs
  • Recent brain injury

Please be mindful of your own health and safety and inform your instructor before class of any medical conditions or concerns you may have regarding your practice.  When appropriate, please check with your appropriate health care provider before attending classes with us.


For your own safety and the integrity of the silk hammocks, be sure to remove all jewelry before practicing on the hammocks.

Please remember to wear tight fitting clothing free of buttons, zippers or snaps that may snag the hammock fabric.

Arrive free of scented lotions or perfumes.

It is recommended that beginners wear a tight fitting T-shirt that covers their under arms as they become accustomed to the compression of the fabric.

Please bring water for hydration during practice, and avoid drinking acidic drinks or eating directly before class.

Each hammock is rated and certified for supporting 1000 lbs and the hardware is safety-rated rock climbing gear designed to hold dynamic human weight.  This hammock is safe to hold the weight of both adults and children, though if an individual is greater than 225 lbs, movement may be less comfortable in the hammock.  In the studio, the attachment points were installed by a professional contractor.  We are passionately invested in offering our community a safe, secure environment.  Regular inspection of the apparatus integrity is an integral part of our operation.